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Check out The Real Rudy (part I)

Reported by Chrish - September 6, 2007 -

LOS ANGELES - Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films launched "The REAL Rudy Command Center" today, a short investigative report on Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani's decision to place New York City's Emergency Command Center in the World Trade Center, a site known to be the Nation's number one terror target. The video, the first in a YouTube series on-line at TheREALRudy.org, lays out how Rudy went against the recommendations of experts making a decision that cost precious lives.

Giuliani is often seen as running on his 9/11 record and "The REAL Rudy Command Center" calls into serious question the pledge the presidential hopeful made just this Tuesday to prepare every city in the US for a disaster. Family members and experts in "The REAL Rudy Command Center" explain Giuliani ignored evidence and wisdom and cost loved ones their lives.

Andy Ansbro, a New York City fire fighter at Ground Zero on 9/11 explains the gravity of Giuliani's decision, "What would have been different if the Command Center was operational? The death toll for fire fighters would probably have been cut in half." "He had put his bunker right in the most dangerous spot in the city" says Eileen Tallon who lost her son Sean Tallon a New York City fire fighter on 9/11.

"Working with emergency response experts, investigative journalists and family members has been a sobering experience as we at Brave New Films have learned the truth about Rudy and 9/11, rather then the hype and distortion" said Robert Greenwald director of The REAL Rudy series "Facts are facts and these experts and family members present them strongly and clearly."

TheREALRudy.org a new website, is home to The REAL Rudy series which will run through September. The website also features a contest for visitors to vote for Giuliani's greatest failure, possibilities include: 'police and fire department not working together'; 'faulty radios for firefighters' as well as the subject of "The REAL Rudy Command Center" 'the placement of the Emergency Command Center in #1 terror target.' The forthcoming videos in Greenwald's You Tube series will explore in detail some of Giuliani's other major failures.