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Texas Democrat Does Masterful Job of Navigating a Fox News Interview

Reported by Melanie - September 5, 2007 -

Martin Frost, a former Democratic congressman from Texas, was Neil Cavuto's guest today (September 5, 2007) during a segment with Michael Steele of GOPAC about the supposed "need" to put another Republican in the White House. It was a joy to watch Frost put both Cavuto and Steele in their place and not let them turn him into a dithering idiot, which is always Fox's objective. Any Democrat who anticipates making an appearance on Fox should watch -- and learn!

After a report by Fox's Greg Palkot about the Danish "terror plot," Cavuto introduced Steele (and Frost), saying that Steele thinks the plot is, "proof that we need another Republican in the White House."

Steele said the plot, "[S]peaks to the reality that some people refuse to admit to," and he hopes that tonight, during Fox's Republican presidential debate, the candidates will, "put forth a clear vision of what their leadership will mean and the difference it will make when they become president."

Cavuto asked Frost what he thought Hillary Clinton meant when she said that the GOP would have an advantage if there was another attack between now and the election. Doing what all Democrats should do when they appear on Fox, Frost stayed on message: "I don't know what she meant but I will tell you this -- it was the Republican congress for two years that refused to pass the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission...and it wasn't until we got a Democratic congress that we finally implemented the recommendations...to adopt measures to keep this country safe. Now, quit making this into a partisan issue. This is nonsense. It doesn't mean that you'd be better off with a Republican in the White House...that's just way off base."

Watch more below. Cavuto again brings up the "wisdom" of what Clinton said. Frost handles it beautifully and in the end, Republicans don't look all that "tough on terror" after all.

(Sorry for the two YouTube segments. It's a long story but I have yet to learn how to splice "chapters" together.)

Opening Few Seconds:

Bulk of Segment: