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O'Reilly Reminds FOX Viewers To Blame The Clintons

Reported by Deborah - September 5, 2007 -

Please don't think that Bill O'Reilly actually told his viewers that Bill Clinton was responsible for 9/11 an hour before the Republican debate on FOX where 9/11 was sure to take center stage. Instead, he had Cyrus Nowrasteh , writer and producer of ABC's infamous Path To 9/11, come on to accuse the Clintons of blocking the release of the DVD. 9/5/07

Nowrasteh laid out his theory for Bill that ABC has stalled about releasing the DVD of Path to 9/11 because the Clinton's blocked it. BOR just couldn't understand ABC's actions since it was nominated for 7 Emmys and would be a big money maker.

Nowrasteh confided that he heard from an insider that the Clintons didn't want it out there. He claimed he even offered to give Clinton, Madeline Albright and Sandy Berger time on the DVD to attack the movie and they still wouldn't do it. When Nowrasteh added that ABC had been "viciously attacked" over the initial release of movie, O'Reilly immediately chimed in to point fingers at the Clintons even though Nowrasteh never singled them out as the attackers.

Nowrasteh made sure to remind viewers it was a " docudrama" which is supposed to make all the false allegations and innuendos okay. Here's a thorough report from Media Matters about this recent Clinton bashing PR campaign about the DVD release as well as the glaring inaccuracies of the script that was supposedly based on the 9/11 Commission Report.

comment: If the Clintons are supposedly powerful enough to block the release of the DVD, why didn't they block the original airing of movie on ABC. Come to think of it why didn't the all powerful Clintons block those 7 Emmy Awards.

Wouldn't it make business sense to wait until after the Emmys to release the DVD? If the movie wins, wouldn't there be bigger profits? Also doesn't this little hissy fit over the DVD seem like an obvious PR stunt. Nowrasteh gets everyone all worked up over the mean Clintonistas making them want to buy the DVD that makes Clinton take the heat instead of Bush. Come to think of it, if ABC wasn't in on this ploy, wouldn't Nowrasteh be taking a chance ticking them off with his media whining?