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Jon Soltz, Top Dog Again For Confronting Dan Senor On Iraq Lies

Reported by Ellen - September 5, 2007 -

There was a second Hannity & Colmes discussion with a strong progressive last night (9/4/07). Iraq war veteran Jon Soltz, of VoteVets.org, didn’t just refuse to be bullied by Sean Hannity, he gave former CPA spokesman (and now FOX News contributor) Dan Senor a talking to about the Bush administration’s misrepresentations about the war. With video.

The discussion was supposed to be about some television stations’ decisions not to air the so-called Freedom’s Watch ads. Naturally, FOX News seized the opportunity to show one of the ads which were designed to drum up support for the Iraq war and masterminded by former Bush spokesperson Ari Fleischer. But Alan Colmes, who ran the first part of the discussion, adroitly maneuvered the talk toward the status of the war itself and Soltz was savvy enough to take the ball and run with it.

When Hannity took over the segment, he tried to pull out his gotcha bag of tricks. He started, but Soltz cut him off and never allowed him to continue, to accuse Soltz of calling the vets liars because Soltz characterized the ads as misleading for trying to link 9/11 and the war in Iraq.

But Soltz didn’t stop at playing defense against Hannity. At about five minutes into the 7 minute (or so) discussion, he went on offense against Senor. When Senor argued that progress is being made in Iraq, Soltz quietly responded, “When you were in Iraq, I believed you. I trusted you. Our soldiers needed your leadership. And you told us ‘Weapons of mass destruction, we’ve turned the corner in Iraq.’ So I’m not gonna sit here and be lectured by someone like you. I just can’t have that. I can be lectured by General Petraeus. I can be lectured by our generals. But you’ve spun me once, you’ve spun me twice. You’re not gonna spin me a third time. I’m sorry … I trusted you. I believed in the war. You misled me. I’m not gonna listen to your opinion.”

Jon Soltz, top dog again.