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Studio B Spreads Fear About Arabic School

Reported by Donna - September 4, 2007 -

Studio B with Trace Gallagher filling in for Shepard Smith did a segment that focused on an Arabic school that a group is campaigning to get closed because it is a religiious school with ties to extremists.

The school denies this, stating that they are just trying to teach Arabic language and culture. Rick Leventhal brought the story that said the group thought the school would be a training ground for radical Islam. He said the group claims the school keeps it's curriculum secret and the speakers that are scheduled all have a religious or political agenda.

The city (NYC) has over 70 dual language school including Russian, Creole and Manadarin. He said there is also a belief that there should be more teaching of the language of Arabic. Levinthal then said that some believe that there may be religion involved and they are not being upfront about the curriculum It was revealed that it was a small school of about 50 six graders. Levinthal added that it was far from over because the group wanted to take the school to court to reveal it's curriculum and possiblyget it shut down.

Comment: If this was any other language school but Islam would this have even made the news? But when it comes to anything Islamic in the U.S. you can expect Fox to be at the top of the story. As far as the ties to extremists, this was not revealed.