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No Mention of Cost of Iraq War During Discussion About "Big Government"

Reported by Melanie - September 4, 2007 -

One of the discussions Neil Cavuto moderated today (September 4, 2007), during a yawner of a show I might add, dealt with a topic you've no doubt heard discussed a hundred times over the years -- which is best, "more government or less?" I'm sure you can hear it now, you know, "bridges to nowhere" on the one hand, and the need to provide a "safety net" on the other, with the unarticulated meme being that Republicans are fiscal conservatives while Democrats want to raise your taxes. Cavuto and his two guests yammered on for two or three minutes but nobody brought up the fact that we are spending $12 billion (that's with a "b" folks) per month in Iraq.

Cavuto is eager to point out that any help -- as some Democrats have proposed -- that might go to defaulting homeowners caught in the subprime mortgage mess will come out of your pocket and do you want your tax dollars going to "bailout" some stupid, lazy slob who can't take personal responsibility for his obligations? But he has -- and I think I can safely use the "n" word here - never, ever pounded the table with righteous indignation about your tax dollars being used to fund George Bush's Iraq war.