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Bill O'Reilly Tells Far Left: "The Heat Is Just Beginning"

Reported by Deborah - September 4, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly, refreshed from his vacation, returned to The Factor tonight glowing with self righteous patriotism but sadly, no new material. It seems ,O'Reilly finished reading Marcus Luttrell's, Lone Survivor and is now an authority on the "American Spirit" which he claimed was the the subject of his Talking Points Memo. However, as always, the real subject was bashing the "left". After he singled out the same old media outlets that he always goes after, he issued a warning , "Warning to the far left. Summer may be over but the heat is just beginning." Then he brought on Malkin and Powers to bad mouth some concerned Americans from Hollywood who he believes have no grasp on the true spirit of their country. 9/5/07
Video added.

Tim Robbins got the first BOR whack because he had an objective and honest conversation about Iraq on Real Time with Bill Maher. Viewers only got to see a short clip of Robbin criticizing the war without but not the opposing viewpoints which balanced the discussion, He claimed Robbins only had 15%, all far left loons, believing Robbins.

The reponse from his Tuesday Tag Team was not memorable. Malkin did her usual schtick about Robbins and Powers wanted to know why an actor's opinion was so important to anyone. The entire discussion was so predictable that they could have aired a rerun and dubbed in new names and specifics.

Then he went after Brian Depalma's , Redacted. Eventually, BOR announced that he hadn't seen it yet but informed DePalma he would hold him responsible, if he didn't like the message of the movie.

comment: It seems like O'Reilly is following the FOX News plan of hyping the positive angles of the war on Iraq. There was absolutely bo surprises in the segment but De Palma's film looks great.