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Steve Forbes, Co-Chair of the Giuliani Campaign, Suggests We Shoot Poor People

Reported by Melanie - September 1, 2007 -

(Video below.)

This morning (September 1, 2007) during one of Fox's Saturday morning "business news" shows, Forbes on Fox, Fox aired a segment declaring that, "We need a 'fat tax' to save America." (That's fat tax, not flat tax, and note that the seemingly ever-present Cavuto mark was missing from the chyron.) The premise was that we should tax junk food in order to help pay for the increased medical expenses generated by overweight and obese people. One of the participants, Bill Baldwin, the Editor of Forbes magazine, seemed to agree.

If you eat a Nutri-Grain bar and get diabetes, you're jacking up my health insurance premium. Yes, it should be taxed. There are a lot of things you do that impose taxes, ah, impose costs on innocent people and they should be taxed. For example...

Steve Forbes, a regular guest on the show and, by the way, the national co-chair and senior policy advisor to the Giuliani campaign, interrupted:

By, by that logic, let's tax the poor. Shoot 'em.

Here's the video.

Comment: This is a ridiculous argument, of course, but it does give Fox's viewers more people to hate and blame -- fat people and poor people. Yet what a window into Steve Forbes' thinking, huh, that he would toss in, "shoot 'em?" (He would no doubt say it was "just a joke," but since when is it funny, or acceptable, to "joke" about shooting, er, killing people? Oh, I know, since Ann Coulter made it fashionable. Yo, Rudy. What you say?)