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A Clear Missionary Statement From FOX News

Reported by Deborah - September 1, 2007 -

This morning, 9/1/07, Lauren Green did an amusing, light hearted piece about the Ten Commandments on Fox & Friends. An edited video montage showed Green out on the street with a copy of the Ten Commandments asking people if they had broken any so far that day. Although it felt a little strange at first, Green's attitude made it seem innocent enough until she made a religious pitch.

After the clip ended, Green tried to make the Ten Commandments more secular describing them as a model for ethical behavior. Then she added that everyone can be forgiven without having to do anything if they accept Jesus Christ. It was an obvious pitch for Christianity and seemed outrageously inappropriate.

The Ten Commandments appear in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible and also in the Jewish scriptures. Jewish people call them the 'Ten Sayings'. Most synagogues have these clearly written, in Hebrew, on a wall plaque.

Lauren Green ignored Judaism completely. Beyond that, Lauren Green's title is Religious Coorespondent for FNC not Christian Missionary. Last week Melanie discovered FOXFaith so stay tuned because it can only get stranger.

comment: I wonder if Green was cringing when a psychic, in the obligatory black dress, came on right after her segment to declare that in her psychic vision, Princess Diana's death was an accident.