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John Kasich Avoids Pointing Out Craig's Hypocrisy

Reported by Deborah - August 30, 2007 -

John Kasich, hosting for Bill O'Reilly, has spent entirely too much time this week on the "sex sting" which seems to be FOX's favorite chyron for Republican Senator Craig's bathroom misadventure. Now that the audio tape emerged today, Craig's sleaze factor is in full bloom so damage control for the Republican party was obviously on Kasich's mind when he spoke to Tammy Bruce and Jane Hall tonight.

Kasich tried to hold on to the possibility that someone in the deepest corner of FOXville still believes Craig is innocent. Tammy Bruce and Jane Hall were asked if the Idaho Statesman was conducting a " witch hunt" against Craig and wanted everyone to know that all republicans weren't like Craig. ( No list of republicans who are exactly like Craig was provided)

Then, of course, Kasich brought up the current democratic scandal acting as if Hillary's campaign fund story was equal to Craig's. Both Bruce and Hall shook it off like it wasn't worth talking about.

When Jane Hall twice brought up the crucial point of Craig's hypocrisy in light of his anti-gay political posturing, Kasich changed the subject. Tammy Bruce didn't acknowledge Hall's point either even after making sure viewers knew that she was gay. One might think Bruce would really be outraged by Craig's behavior. Even when Hall stated that the media should stop suggesting that all Gay people have anonymous sex in public bathrooms, Bruce and Kasich didn't respond either

comment: Republicans are all wondering how many more Craigs and Foleys are still hiding behind the "family values" banner of the Republican party. The sleaze factor is growing each day and now Mitt Romney is caught in the ooze so it's time for manly Fred Thompson to come to their rescue.