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Hannity & Colmes Ignores Katrina Anniversary; Faulkner Does PR For Bush During Break

Reported by Ellen - August 30, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes had nothing to say about the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina last night (8/29/07). However, news reader Harris Faulkner once again offered some (presumably) free PR for President Bush during her laughably one-sided and myopic coverage of the anniversary during the newsbreak. With video.

Faulkner chirped:

President Bush visiting the Gulf Coast exactly two years after Hurricane Katrina. The president taking part in a moment of silence in Louisiana. He later went to Mississippi where he pointed to a bridge destroyed by the storm which has been rebuilt. Mr. Bush calling it an example of the state’s recovery. He says A LOT OF PROGRESS (her emphasis) has been made but there’s still work to do. This was the president’s FIFTEENTH trip to the area since Katrina hit. The storm killed more than 1600 people.

Funny how she overlooked the AP report, from the wire service FOX News uses, which states (H/T Buzzflash):

In New Orleans, recovery has been spotty at best. The historic French Quarter and neighborhoods close to the Mississippi River did not flood and have bounced back fairly well. The city's population has reached an estimated 277,000, about 60 percent its pre-storm level of 455,000. Sales tax revenues are approaching normal, and tourism and the port industry are recovering.

But vast stretches of the city show little or no recovery. A housing shortage and high rents have hampered business growth. The homeless population has almost doubled since the storm, and many of those squat in an estimated 80,000 vacant dwellings. Violent crime is also on the rise, and the National Guard and state troopers still supplement a diminished local police force.

You can view some of the stories of people in New Orleans in Robert Greenwald’s new video, “When The Saints Go Marching In” and sign the petition urging the US Senate to support Senator Dodd's Gulf Coast Recovery Bill of 2007 here.