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Fox Brings on Tom DeLay, That's Right, Tom DeLay, to Talk About the GOP's "Swift" Response to Scandal

Reported by Melanie - August 30, 2007 -

Fox News again took its audience for total idiots today (August 30, 2007) when it asked Tom DeLay to come on to talk about how "Republicans act swiftly, unlike Democrats" when it comes to dealing with scandal. Delay, a former member of the House of Representatives, was indicted by two Texas grand juries in the fall of 2005 but he didn't leave office until April, 2006. How that makes him an authority on dealing swiftly with scandal is beyond me.

The segment was, of course, about Senator Larry -Caught-in-the-Bathroom- Craig (R-ID), who will likely resign today or tomorrow after pleading guilty in June to a disorderly conduct charge. Flattened by sex scandal after sex scandal, the GOP is apparently going to use its "swift" ouster of Craig (for the sake of the propaganda, we won't mention Senator David -I-Frequent-Prostitutes- Vitter (R-LA), who is still in office) to spin that it has been born again as The Moral Authority.

After listing all the people who have called for Craig's resignation, Cavuto introduced DeLay who Cavuto said is "still amazed" at the "contrast" between how the Democrats handled William Jefferson (who hasn't plead guilty to, nor been convicted of anything) and how the GOP is handling the Craig affair.

DeLay -- one of the seediest and shadiest guys to ever walk the halls of congress -- proceeded to talk character, saying that, "The character of a party is how you handle this." He said he doesn't have all the facts about Craig and wouldn't comment on whether he should resign but, "In the big picture, Neil, the Republican party takes care of situations like this." He recalled "Cunningham," "Nay" and "Foley," but again, Vitter wasn't mentioned. "On the other hand,' he said, "Democrats re-elect theirs," like Barney Frank (D-MA), "who was censured [that's a lie] by the House of Representatives because he and his boyfriend were running a prostitution ring [that's a lie] out of his house."

In case the audience wasn't getting the point, Cavuto chimed in: "So, you're saying if the shoe was on the other foot there would be a different reaction?"

Hypocrite and liar DeLay said, "Oh, definitely!" Then he brought up Congressman Alan Mollohan (D-WV), who is "being investigated by the FBI. What did the Democrats do? They made him chairman of the committee that has oversight of the FBI's budget!" "Big differences in the way the parties handle these things. [...] I've been through it for 11 years.* I'm indicted right now under laws that don't exist."

Comment: How can one be indicted under laws that don't exist? Apparently Fox takes its audience as being so stupid that a line like that can be floated by them with impunity, just like one of the most notorious crooks in recent memory being showcased as an authority on dealing with scandal.

* Wow! So the GOP dealt with him "swiftly" and he resigned after 9-1/2 years? That's sure to add credibility to his story.