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War, corruption, incompetence, deceit all get a pass, but sex scandal may cost Republican his job

Reported by Chrish - August 29, 2007 -

As Ellen noted earlier, it appears the right is ready to throw Republican Senator Larry Craig under the proverbial bus for his behavior in a Minnesota bus station. O'Reilly Factor substitute host Michelle Malkin did multiple segments going after the Senator.

We noted a decided shift in coverage from last night to tonight, from not mentioning his party affiliation to calling for his resignation and painstakingly, with a reporter from the Idaho paper that's been following the story, reconstructing the timeline to rebut the Senator's claims today of harrassment. Apparently the party of life can tolerate endless war, and the party of values can tolerate torture, and the party of the rule of law can tolerate illegal warrantless wiretapping, but the party of outward primness has no tolerance for public allegations of sex scandals.