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Fox Acting Holier Than Thou re Katie Couric's Trip to Iraq

Reported by Melanie - August 29, 2007 -

I have watched three years of Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, dropping the chyron so his audience gets a good shot of the boobs of female guests and reporters; interviewing women wearing nothing but bras, and using as many as 14 Fox News Alerts during the hour in order to keep his audience on the edge of their seat. So all I could do today was shake my head and roll my eyes when Dagen McDowell, substituting for Cavuto, hosted a segment asking whether or not CBS is sending Katie Couric to Iraq as a "ratings ploy."

(August 29, 2007)

McDowell's guests were Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America and Susan Estrich, a UCLA law professor and former Democratic operative. The issue, as outlined by the chyron was, "Katie's Iraq Trip: Ratings Ploy or Legitimate Journalism." (Since when is Fox an expert on "legitimate journalism?")

Crouse said, "It's a clear act of desperation," but "very sad" because, "here she is, going off to Iraq, paying absolutely no attention whatsoever to the fact that her children have already lost one parent and here she is, putting herself in harm's way." It's "very sad" seeing "Katie having her priorities so determined by her ambition rather than for her children's welfare." It's a "warped perspective" and a "clear publicity stunt."

In response, Estrich said exactly what I was thinking: "I guess we'll have to bring home all those American women who are serving in the Armed Forces over in Iraq" exposed to "much greater harm" for "a lot longer" than Couric will be. I would "defy anybody to second guess a mother's decision as to what's best for her and her children." I don't know "who you are to sit in judgment of another woman."

After a minute or two of this, the segment ended and Fox had accomplished its mission -- bash that dark den of liberals and selfish feministas over at CBS. Fox would have been wise though, imho, not to air that segment on Mr.-Will-Do-Sex-And-Just-About-Anything-Else-For-Rating's show.