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Studio B Again Announces In Story Beginning - A 'Conservative' Senator Was In Trouble For Making Advances To A Male Undercover Policeman In Men's Restroom

Reported by Donna - August 28, 2007 -

We've spoken previously many times on when Fox announces a story if it's a Democratic politician in trouble, it is right in the headline. If it's a Republican it's not. Today they had a story on Senator Larry Craig, a Republican Senator, who pleaded guilty to making advances on an undercover male police officer.

Shepard Smith announced that a 'conservative Senator' was in trouble for making advances in a men's bathroom stall. He announced that the story was coming up, which it did about 15 minutes later.

In the later segment it was finally admitted that it was a Republican Senator. Not only that, he was a very conservative, anti gay Republican Senator.

Comments: Fox makes a habit of this. When it's a Democrat in trouble that's in the headline, however, when it's a Republican who's in trouble, it's like pulling teeth to get that information out.