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Neal Boortz on Hannity & Colmes: Racial Concerns About Vick Case “May Be Part Of A Thug Culture.”

Reported by Ellen - August 28, 2007 -

On a day when the Attorney General of the United States resigned and it was revealed that a US Senator and operative in the Mitt Romney campaign had been arrested for lewd conduct in a men’s bathroom, the fact that Michael Vick was yet again the top story for a double segment on Hannity & Colmes last night (8/27/07) pretty much proved guest Dan Le Batard’s contention that there’s a racial component to the Michael Vick story. But Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes and Neal Boortz were so busy dismissing and denigrating Le Batard’s Miami Herald column making that point that they didn’t even listen to what he was trying to say. With video. UPDATED

Le Batard wrote in his column:

I don't hear many black people defending Vick's actions today. What I hear is many black people objecting to the size and intensity of the reaction. Those are two very different things. But they start to sound the same when white people yell with disgust, ''Not the race card again!'' and black people counter with, ''Race impacts everything.''

That’s exactly what happened on Hannity & Colmes except that there was no black person to counter the "not the race card again!" disgust.

Boortz insisted that he would have known about any “race reaction” because his radio show broadcasts from Vick's home base of Atlanta. Despite the fact that clips were played at the beginning of the discussion of African Americans complaining about the racial aspect on other, unidentified radio shows, Boortz claimed that racial issues didn’t really exist. He continued by saying, “I think that there are black Americans across the country that are going, ‘Oh, why did you have to play that? That makes us look so incredibly bad.’” Boortz concluded, “You know, that may be representative of the thug culture. It’s not representative of Black America in any way.”

Colmes was particularly disappointing as he maintained, with obvious disdain, that race had nothing to do with the story, that the story was simply about cruelty to animals. He barely let Le Batard get a word in to explain why some people thought otherwise.

“How many people on this set are black?” Le Batard repeatedly asked from his remote location where he could not see, without getting an answer. There were none, of course. And nobody offered an explanation as to why three out of three guests (the third was Sirius NFL host Jim Miller) plus the two hosts for a segment involving race were all white. One had the feeling that because the white Le Batard wrote about blacks’ emotions, he got “counted” as black.

Two members of the NAACP recently told Colmes during another Hannity & Colmes discussion about Vick (where Colmes was even ruder) that African Americans do have concerns about the role of race in the case. Nevertheless, Colmes accused Le Batard of being irresponsible for “(trying) to gin up racial sentiment here when you know this is not about race.”

Le Batard said that all he did was express how SOME members of the black community feel who don’t trust a white system “to treat their black icon fairly. And you guys just don’t want to listen.”

Colmes shouted that he was listening, as demonstrated by the fact that he brought Le Batard on to speak about it. But Colmes interrupted nearly every time Le Batard tried to speak.

Le Batard did a great job of articulating his points simply and clearly and without allowing himself to be intimidated while outnumbered by a group of guys with an obvious agenda. I hereby appoint Le Batard a News Hounds top dog.

8/28/07 Update: Hannity & Colmes revisited the Michael Vick/bias issue tonight with two African Americans.