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Fox's Legal News Anchor Ignores Gonzales' Resignation

Reported by Melanie - August 28, 2007 -

Greta Van Susteren, the anchor of Fox's legal news show, On the Record, was utterly silent last night (August 27, 2007) as to the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Van Susteren, identified by Rupert Murdoch himself as one of Fox's "liberal" anchors, treated Gonzales' resignation as she did the months-long Scooter Libby trial: She didn't mention it.

She did, however, have time to devote 18 minutes to the Michael Vick case, do two blurbs on Hulk Hogan's son being in a car accident, and conduct a roughly six minute interview with Harvey Levin of TMZ.com about Britney Spears being investigated for possible child abuse.

During a news break, 39 minutes into the hour, Van Susteren's "good friend," news reader Harris Faulkner reported this:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is stepping down. He was criticized over several matters including the firings of eight federal prosecutors. Gonzales saying it was one of his greatest privileges to serve. President Bush says the AG's name was quote, dragged through the mud for political reasons. But, one top senate Democrat says the Department of Justice suffered a severe crisis of leadership under Gonzales. Solicitor General Paul Clement the temporary replacement for Gonzales.

After the break, Van Susteren returned to the trenches of the day's legal news with a segment about a "Cuban Custody Battle" and a father who is trying to get his daughter returned to Cuba from the U.S., al la Elian Gonzalez. Then it was on to two segments about a missing nurse in Alaska.

Comment: The "liberal" Van Susteren's website says, "Nothing gets by Greta! From the latest breaking news to hard-hitting interviews, 'On the Record' is the only place for fair and balanced coverage." Yeah, right.