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Alberto Gonzales Resignation Coverage: It’s Not Like He’s Rosie O’Donnell!

Reported by Ellen - August 28, 2007 -

Whereas Hannity & Colmes devoted the first half of a show to Rosie O’Donnell’s departure from The View, the resignation of the United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales from the Justice Department got less than half a discussion more than 20 minutes into last night's (8/27/07) show. Nevertheless, Alan Colmes made the most of it as he ran rings around Republican strategist Margaret Hoover. With video.

Bullyboy Sean Hannity so deliberately avoided discussing Gonzales (though that didn’t stop him from trying to interrupt Colmes doing so) that one might think he was too scared to deal with it. Instead, Hannity made his political news of the day about infighting among the Democratic candidates. For once, the Democratic strategist, in this case Richard Aborn, outshone his Republican counterpart. Aborn was smart enough to seize his moments, not wait for them, and quickly changed the subject away from Clinton to Bush’s failed policy in Iraq, despite Hannity’s best efforts to strong arm him away.

Hoover, with her whiny voice and her Junior League smile, was just no match for Aborn and Colmes. She kept trying to duck Colmes’ questions but he was at the top of his game and nailed her every attempt. Then he and Aborn got her when she tried to defend Gonzales. So after Colmes made her answer whether or not Gonzales had been a good AG, and she answered that he had, Colmes pointed out that Gonzales’ claims that he had not been involved in the firings of nine US attorneys had been contradicted by his own Deputy Attorney General, the Acting Attorney General, Monica Goodling and others in the Justice Department.

Hoover responded by saying that it was “unfortunate.”

“Unfortunate? Unfortunate?” Aborn thundered. “He’s the Attorney General of the United States!”

Hoover whined that Gonzales was the victim of a partisanship witch hunt.

“Oh, come on. This is ridiculous,” Aborn said.

Way to go, guys!