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Hannity Turns Human - Twice!

Reported by Ellen - August 27, 2007 -

Before I get to the rest of the show (and there's lots to write about), let me just state for the record that Hannity pleasantly surprised me twice on tonight's Hannity & Colmes.

First, he defended CBS news anchor Katie Couric to author Edward Klein. Klein just wrote a "tell-all" biography about her that seems to be in the same vein as his hit job on Hillary Clinton. So you'd think Hannity would have a soft spot in his heart for Klein, especially given that Couric is an admitted liberal, according to Hannity (I don't get broadcast channels on my satellite system so I don't know). But in tonight's show, both Hannity and Alan Colmes gave Klein a tough time for his mean-spirited revelations about Couric's private life that were obviously designed to titillate and embarrass.

Then Hannity surprised me again by confronting evangelical talk show host Bill Keller for his hate speech against Muslims. Of course there was some irony in watching Hannity complaining about someone else fomenting hatred toward Muslims, and Hannity did take a gratuitous swipe at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) during the discussion, but it was still a pleasant change of pace to watch him argue against divisiveness for a change.

But the show was a mixed bag so stay tuned for more.