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O'Reilly now crafting legislation

Reported by Chrish - August 24, 2007 -

As he's said himself many a time, Bill O'Reilly is a simpleton, er, simple man. He puts that to use in his Talking Points Memo 8/23/07 in drawing up simple laws to handle the complex illegal immigration-arrests-deportation-tracking problem facing the country: If a non-citizen is arrested for ANYthing, even a speeding ticket, ICE must be informed with 48 hours or the arresting agency will be subject to federal charges. Simple. Unless you look at it realistically and take into account the additional personnel and bureaucracy and related expense that would take, but why complicate matters? This sounds better.

O'Reilly promised to expose any politician who tries to derail the "criminal alien law" and urged all the presidential candidates to get behind it. This is "The Factor's" campaign for the fall, and "they" are going to get it passed. (There's that out of body third person thing again.)

Congresswomen Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Thelma Drake (R-VA) are writing and introducing the legislation, and they were O'Reilly's guests tonight. The House has already passed a bill with language that says any so-called "sanctuary city" will lose ALL federal funding, and O'Reilly vowed to come down hard on the Senate if they remove that language from the bill.

The essentials of the bill (to be named the Charlie Norwood CLEAR Act of 2007) will authorize local and state authorities to detain criminal illegal "aliens;" there will be SCA (State Criminal Alien) Funds set aside to "incentivise" those working with the Feds and conversely will be withheld from those not working to detain and deport criminal illegal aliens; and establishment of the NCIC (National Crime Information Center), a database available to the cop on the street. O'Reilly promises to look at and push the legislation. O'Reilly insisted again on the 48-hour rule being mandatory, or else.

O'Reilly wants to be informed if anyone opposes this bill; he'll have them on to "debate" (as only he can) and he wants to know if anyone tries to table it - he'll get right on their case.

Drake added that ICE needs to be funded, and O'Reilly interrupted and overtalked to say that "we'll get the funding, but let's get the laws first so there's no wiggle room for the Newarks and the New Havens and the 'sanctuary cities. You either do it, or you're going to be charged.'"

Now O'Reilly has some points that virtually everyone can agree on: there needs to be better communication between levels of government and the prison system's revolving door needs to be stopped. How to accomplish this, realistically, is what needs to be worked out and not dictated from a simple pundit's studio. His dismissal of the crucial step of funding exemplifies the neo-con borrow-and-spend mindset - just do it and we'll figure out how to pay for it later. If a more responsible person demands funding be tied to passage O'Reilly has committed to going after him/her/them, and we know by now who is the party of fiscal responsibilty. (Hint: it's not Republicans.) This is a political wedge issue waiting to happen. Nice set up. Note also the initial presentation, by two Republicans and O'Reilly, is framed as a gimme, irrefutable, impossible to object to.