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Hannity’s Warmongering Foiled

Reported by Ellen - August 24, 2007 -

A guest on last night’s (8/23/07) Hannity & Colmes put the kibosh on Sean Hannity’s armchair warmongering with Iran. Unwilling to discuss either of the wars we’re already in (other than to use them as a club with which to clobber Democrats), the only war Hannity seems willing to talk about is the one he’s champing at the bit to start with Iran… for others to do the fighting, of course. Unfortunately for him, the sole guest for the segment was a Stanford professor who said that any military action would shore up the Iranian regime and be counterproductive to American interests. With video.

Abbas Milani, Director of Iran Studies at Stanford University, was that Hannity & Colmes rarity, a learned scholar who spoke thoughtfully rather than in inflammatory soundbites. Even more rare, he was treated with respect by the bullyboy dropout Hannity.

"There is nothing that will satisfy them more than an American invasion," Milani told a restrained but obviously disappointed Hannity.

Hannity insisted he was talking about some kind of action with “plausible deniability” such as if the country’s only refinery “just so happened to blow up one day.”

Milani responded that the regime is weakening itself. “The only thing that an invasion of Iran or an attack or a sabotage will do, it would allow the regime to deflect criticism from itself. It will allow the regime to (blame) the United States.”

Milani’s solution, as he told Alan Colmes, was for the United States to “(tell) the people of Iran, ‘we have no intention of invading, we will allow you to determine your fate, but we are aware of the breaches of human rights and we are willing to help if we can. Then I think sooner than later, (the Iranian) people will take care of this regime because this is a regime that is deeply isolated, deeply corrupt, and deeply incompetent.”

Milani even went on to say, without eruption from Hannity, that US actions in the Middle East are hampering its effectiveness in Iran and that Iran does not pose a threat to the US. He did say that it poses a threat to Israel.