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FOX News Channel Presents More Red Eye Slop

Reported by Marie Therese - August 24, 2007 -

A few months ago FOX News Channel lost its mind in its efforts to reach conservative stoned slackers, the flip side of the "drunken, stoned slackers" the great Bill O'Reilly once claimed watched Comedy Central's Jon Stewart. They introduced Red Eye, which airs at 2:00 AM, when most of the regular septuagenarians that watch FOX are asleep. The result? An offensive, stomach-turning pastiche of sewer humor and insufferable, unfunny guests, some of whom are regulars on the FOX News Channel. We like to keep our readers apprised of the dark side of the news channel that sets itself up as the arbiter for the morals of the nation. It seems that boss Roger Ailes likes this kind of humor and has reined in FNC's resident culture watchdog Bill O'Reilly. Rappers are bad. Democrats are the scum of the earth. But what you're about to see is just fine, as far as FOX News is concerned. Video below the fold.