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Democrats "could lose 2008 because they're eating their young"

Reported by Chrish - August 24, 2007 -

Always eager to portray debate within the Democratic Party as division and ready to pounce on any perceived weakness, FOX News Live morning host Laurie Dhue asserted that "left wing bloggers are waging war" on moderate House Democrats, urging activists to put pressure on Dems who are siding with Republicans. Could this split the party and give the White House to Republicans in 2008? They can only hope.

Dhue began a discussion with Martin Kady of Politico.com by quoting Lyndon Johnson: "You know the difference between liberals and cannibals? Cannibals only eat their enemies." She thought that was pretty funny. Kady replied that the liberal blogosphere is now targeting the people who helped give Democrats the majority last year, and if they didn't have something to be agitated about, they wouldn't have much to write about.

(Comment: What a ridiculous statement. That can be applied to any writers - if they didn't have (their subject) they wouldn't have anything to write about. Duh.)

Dhue "paraphrased and asked "so if you're seen as a traitor in the Democratic Party, you're out?" Not necessarily, per Kady. Liberal bloggers like Markos Moulitsas (DailyKos) and Matt Stoller (OpenLeft.com)(who started a campaign to identify and educate "Bush Dog Democrats" who are not responding to constituents' calls to end the war and rein in Bush's power) are leading the charge against moderate to conservative Democrats, but Kady warned that they are in Republican districts, presumably meaning that a more liberal candidate would lose.

Asked if Democrats were shooting themselves in their collective foot, Kady had two words: Ned Lamont. The liberal blogosphere could have a serious impact on nominating a candidate but once they get to the general election they could be in trouble. He thinks the moderate/conservative Democrats will resist the liberal bloggers, and Dhue responded with a smirk that Democrats "could lose 2008 because they're eating their young."

This is the same thing we've seen and heard for years now: Democrats have to move to the center if they want to win because the country is not liberal. Well, the country is not conservative and polls show a decided shift to progressive values. Whenever you hear a right-winger concerned that the left will self-defeat, be wary.