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Bill Moyers Journal tonight explores crucial media issues

Reported by Chrish - August 24, 2007 -

This Friday night 8/24/07 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings ), Bill Moyers Journal devotes an entire hour to important media issues with a look at the future of low power radio, net neutrality, and possible changes to the media ownership rules. Guests include: journalist Rick Karr, who reports on media and technology issues; Hannah Sassaman from the
Prometheus Radio Project; and FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps.

Local news is the heartbeat of democracy, so why is it disappearing from many communities around the nation? Media consolidation isn't widely covered by the mainstream press, but potential changes being considered to the rules governing the nation's big media companies could have far reaching effects on democracy. Bill Moyers Journal devotes an hour to
this important issue with a report on the disappearance of local news and community radio and in-depth interviews with journalist Rick Karr and media activist Hannah Sassaman.

"These stations build relationships between local churches and schools, between non-profits and their local government...produce their own local news and cover things that matter in their own communities," says Sassaman, who works with the non-profit Prometheus radio project, which is dedicated to building low power FM stations and listeners across the country.

Also on the program, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps discusses new rules being considered that will govern how much control the media titans will have over what we read, see, and hear-what does it mean for democracy and what are the potential implications for a free and unfettered Internet? "We are skating perilously close to where we are denying our citizens that essential breadth and depth of information that they need for our democracy to survive," he tells Moyers.