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U.S. Intellegence Report Declassified

Reported by Donna - August 23, 2007 -

A segment on today's Studio B with Shepard Smith dealt with a declassified report from the Intelligence Community being released. Catherine Herridge said there was some good news but some bad news, too.

Herridge said that it looked like the U.S. was making some headway with Al Qaeda in Iraq but the bad news was that they didn't know if Iraq could ever contain the sectarian violence in Iraq. Herridge said that it didn't seem to matter who was president, they would act the same.

Smith kept interjecting that there had to be a withdrawal by the spring because we didn't have enough soliders. Herridge didn't answer the question directly and said that whatever progress we would have made in the surge would all be wiped out if we left by next spring. So Smith asked again about there not being enough people for us to last that long and Herridge said the Intelligence Community basically punted and said that was a military question.

Comment: The good news is that we are making some progress against Al Qaeda yet they also said it would all be wiped out if we were to withdraw by next spring. Yet Smith made a good point in saying we were out of people leaving the whole situation as a Catch 22. It's also interesting that Herridge said that the Intelligence Community punted when put to the test that we didn't have enough people for next spring.