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O'Reilly producer sics another judge; this one called the cops

Reported by Chrish - August 23, 2007 -

Is outrage fatigue a real syndrome? O'Reilly watchers everywhere must be suffering from it. Tonight's Top Story 8/22/07 was yet another attack on yet another judge who released a career criminal on low bail, and said criminal ended up killing a police officer. It's a tragedy that never should have happened but the highlighting of the story, which happened in Florida, only serves to strengthen the larger agenda item of emasculating and denigrating the American judicial system.
With video.

O'Reilly sicced producer Jesse Watters and a camera crew on Judge Manuel Lopez, in his driveway, to ask why bail for Michael Allen Phillips, who later fatally shot Sgt. Ronald Harrison, was set so low. The judge summoned law enforcement to remove the trespassers, who were issued warnings and tinstructed to not return. This latter tidbit was not disclosed to Factor viewers, but was reported in the Saint Petersburg Times (whose URL, you'll note, is "sptimes", LOL). No surprise, Lopez declined an invitation to appear on O'Reilly's studio version of ambush interviews.

O'Reilly had a guest on, Florida State Senator Ronda Storms (R), to commiserate that the killer was a bad guy with a long history of violence. It was divulged that Phillips was a Nazi (which has what relevance?) and O'Reilly asserted that prosecutors wanted no bail but Phillips was released by the judge on $150.00 bail. But according to Storms, the judge (a conservative appointed by Jeb Bush who was "soft on crime but not crazy-soft," according to O'Reilly) originally set NO bail and later lowered it to $30,000, and the 10% cash required was met after four months of incarceration. O'Reilly muttered that "that was cut in half" - clearly he had his numbers wrong, but the audience heard his outragesd "$150.00 bail," and no clarification or correction.

O'Reilly's rhetoric was toned down, presumably because of the judge's affiliations, but he nonetheless called for his ouster next election cycle and called the low bail a colossal mistake.
O'Reilly also expressed admiration for Lopez because he showed regret and sorrow about the killing, insinuating that the more liberal judges he usually goes after are remorseless and callous. O'Reilly said he doesn't think the judge "gets it" and that he was saying "it happens all the time..." and O'Reilly stated "It doesn't happen all the time." Wha??? O'Reilly is making a career out of cobbling together a national scandal of judicial incompetence with these cases, and then turns around and says it doesn't happen all the time? At the top of the story he claimed "we've tracked down a lot of judges over the past couple of years...." Which is it?

O'Reilly accuses the left of being America-haters and blame-America-firsters, but his constant harping on mistakes in the vast judiciary and calls for change are exactly what he despises when liberals do it.

Michael Moore cited numerous examples of disastrous consequences for people with inadequate or no health insurance who became ill or incapacitated, and is calling for a national healthcare system that would essentially cut out the moneymaking middlemen (insurance companies) and provide more individual patient care - which O'Reilly repeatedly dismisses as "socialized medicine."

Interesting how calling for positive change is demonized if the calls come from the left (which they largely do) but if O'Reilly wants to hog-tie the judiciary with mandatory sentencing, removing judgment from the process, then that's him championing for the folks. Hypocrite.