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Fox & Friends' analyst disregards John Edwards' third place rank, inserts Richardson instead

Reported by Chrish - August 23, 2007 -

What to do when a candidate you absolutely hate won't go away? Today 8/23/07 on Fox and Friends, even though John Edwards is in third place in virtually all recent polls, , in the "2008 - You Decide" segment guest Jason Wright declared that Edwards isn't finding any footing. Wright decided for us to "inject a little spice, a little Southwest flavor" into the race and substituted Bill Richardson in the third place spot even though he regularly comes in 4th, 5th, and even 6th, depending on the poll.
With video.

The PoliticalDeby.com editor apparently just makes things up so was quite at home with the three mushketeers. In response to Alyson Camerota's question of "what's going wrong?" with Barack Obama's campaign, Wright suggested that his wife might be bringing him down and said Hillary Clinton may end up NOT being the most disliked woman in this race:

"The more Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Edwards run their yappers, the better Hillary looks."

He whined that voters don't want to hear from spouses this early and admionished them to save it for the general election. Gee, that "you decide" slogan is looking sillier by the minute.

Switching to the Republican candidates, Wright had the top three candidates per most polls (Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney), but he put Romney (Bush's boy) in the lead and claimed that DC insiders look at Romney as the "best investment." (Presumably those putting their money on him intend to get the best return on said investment.) Wright said Romney got a bump from his "impressive" results in the Ames straw poll recently and commended his gatting a few jabs at Giuliani recenttly.

Thompson, who hasn't yet formally declared, places third in many polls but Wright said his stump appearances lack charm and if he does decide to run he would do well to run a television campaign.

So on FOX, "America's best political coverage, period" if they don't like the candidate and can't find anything to smear him with, they'll just pretend he doesn't exist. And if they really like the candidate, even if he isn't polling so well, (Romney polls anywhere from 3rd to 5th in most polls), they'll just put him in first anyway. Fair and balanced? You gotta be kidding.