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Another Unfair, Unbalanced Discussion About Muslims

Reported by Ellen - August 23, 2007 -

FOX News once again used a discussion that purported to be about problems of religious intolerance as a platform to foment exactly that. On last night’s (8/22/07) Hannity & Colmes, a debate about a smear campaign against CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) turned into a smear campaign as FOX News producers gave Islamophobe Sean Hannity more camera time. Hannity, in turn, gave “his” guest, the hatemongering David Horowitz more time to well, hate-monger. Alan Colmes and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell nevertheless did an excellent job with what they clearly knew was a stacked deck. With video.

Horowitz, an admitted traitor, was perched on his favorite high horse as he appointed himself a higher authority than the US government. They have not charged CAIR with any crime but Horowitz nonetheless adjudged the group terrorists and called them “Nazi Jew haters.”

During his disproportionate time, Hannity gave lip service to offering equal opportunity to both guests to air their views. But while he repeatedly asked Terrell to let Horowitz speak, Terrell never got the same courtesy. Terrell, a seasoned Hannity & Colmes guest, knew better than to wait his turn and hope for the best. He repeatedly underscored the biased moderator by asking “When do I get a chance to speak?” and jumping in at every opportunity.

Terrell frequently confronted Horowitz’ string of accusations by asking why, if CAIR is a terrorist organization, it continues to be allowed to operate as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization?

Nobody had an answer for him. But when Colmes repeated the question to Horowitz, the traitor turned “patriot,” took a swipe at his fellow Americans. “Because liberals like you fall for their line, (hook), line and sinker,” Horowitz said.

Favorite moment: Terrell asked everyone in the audience to “go back to 9/11” and recall that CAIR was “front and center condemning 9/11. So we’re going to attack CAIR but we’re in bed with Saudi Arabia, the country that has 18 terrorists.”

Unfortunately, Colmes’ time ended just then and both Hannity and Horowitz ignored that remark. I wish Terrell had repeated it and demanded a response from them.