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Gay Community of Fort Lauderdale Bashed By Mayor On O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - August 22, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly gave Jim Naugle, Fort Lauderdale Mayor, an opportunity to freely bash Gay members of his community tonight without anyone on hand to provide a defense or an opposing viewpoint. In fact, O'Reilly let Naugle say whatever he pleased only challenging him with flimsy questions and allowing him to sculpt the truth to make his case.

Naugle claimed a new library opening plans to have a special section for gay pornography right next to the children's section. He then corrected himself saying it wasn't all porn, just some of it. O'Reilly didn't ask for a better explanation of the so called porn. Viewers didn't know if he was talking about a kinky magazine rack or a book of literary erotica. He did ask Naugle if taxpayers were paying for the library and assured him that he would step in if the porn was still there when the library opened. Naugle reluctantly admitted that three of the Ft Lauderdale Commissoners thought the questionable material was fine so it would be included in the library collection.

Here's a revealing article from one of Naugle's avid admirers about the library. She created a charming bit of hysterical hypothetical for her readers.

"I thank God for this mayor who is sticking up for children who, after playing a game of soccer, may wander 50 feet into the library to ask the following questions:

Q: "Mommy?" Why is that part of our library closed off?
A: Well, Johnny, Fort Lauderdale Commissioners Cindi Hutchinson, Charlotte E. Rodstrom, and Carlton B. Moore voted to take out the books that everybody can read and replace them with homosexual pornography.
Q: Mommy? What's homosexual pornography?
A: It's what you saw in the public restroom earlier.
Q: Mommy? Why are those people so angry at the nice mayor?
A: Because he wants to protect you from all of it. "

In reality the proposed library will be closed to the public and people must be 18 to join. Here's the information that O'Reilly didn't provide for viewers.

Next Naugle discussed his proposed changes in the public restrooms claiming he wanted to install self cleaning urinals with the added benefit of eliminating stalls to discourage public sex. He reported that the HIV problem in Ft Lauderdale was caused by homosexual sex in bathrooms, parks and bath houses. O'Reilly asked him about his statistics and he quoted the Broward County Health Department Statistics as his source.

A Broward County health official disagreed with Naugle's HIV theories. She claimed his numbers were outdated. In an article in the Sun Sentinel, Pat Callahan Taylor had this to say.

"Broward does have an HIV/AIDS crisis and it has been ongoing for years, she said. But it's not isolated to gay men. Black, heterosexual women make up a significant number of new HIV cases. Women make up a third of the county's roughly 6,900 HIV cases diagnosed over the past 10 years."

comment: Naugle, looking like he needed to throw up in one of his self cleaning urinals, ended the segment pitching his town as a great vacation destination. I guess potential vacationers in O'Reilly's audience now know to keep their kids out of the public bathrooms and libraries. Unfortunately, he forgot to warn them about all those undulating, bare breasted, drunken college girls O'Reilly's always talking about on The Factor. Oh, I forgot that's considered good, clean, all-American, heterosexual fun.

h/t to C for important link