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O'Reilly Connects Nas and Michael Vick

Reported by Deborah - August 21, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's campaign to get Nas booted from the Virginia Tech concert has fizzled out but he still kept plugging away tonight, 8/29/07, trying to get Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers to fan the flames. Malkin did her part as always but Powers wouldn't cooperate so he created a hypothetical question for her connecting Nas to Michael Vick.

Malkin assured BOR that she was "flabbergasted" that Nas was still performing at the VT concert calling the President who O'Reilly wanted fired a " bonehead" for not checking Nas out before approving his appearance.

O'Reilly, self proclaimed ruler of all things, announced, " We gave them a week! Who wants to give VT a hard time? Not me."

When Bill turned to Powers for her validation, she complicated his scenario with reality which usually creates a short in BOR's circuits. Powers said that the tickets were selling out and only seven families objected adding that if Nas avoided violent stuff at the concert, she had no problem with it.

O'Reilly sputtered, " What if Michael Vick showed up to give a lecture? Would that be appropriate?" Powers countered that Vick broke the law and Bill responded, " Nas has a gun conviction." He was suggesting quite obviously that there is no difference between Nas and Michael Vick.

Then he asked Malkin for her take on Vick to help viewers blur the line between Nas and Vick. Malkin obliged saying they "should throw the book at him" and show no mercy. Not too long ago Malkin was defending Vick to a PETA rep on The Factor.

When he pressed Powers and Malkin to assess how much prison time Vick should get, they said 5 years. Bor, however, went easy on Vick claiming he was going to lose a lot of money and should get a year at the most as if his crimes were no big deal.

Then he returned to Nas at the end of the segment telling Powers he was "appalled" that she's okay with Nas performing at VT. In O'Reilly's world ,Michael Vick gets a slap on the hand and Nas gets the guillotine.