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During Supposedly Impartial Debate Analysis, Republican Pollster Frank Luntz Misrepresents Public Sentiment On Diplomacy To Make Democrats Look Weak

Reported by Ellen - August 21, 2007 -

It was bad enough that Hannity & Colmes’ only guest last night (8/20/07) to analyze the Democratic presidential candidates’ debate was the discredited Republican pollster, Frank Luntz, identified only as an author of a book about communicating. But he took a swipe at Democrats by falsely claiming that Democratic primary voters are out of step with the rest of the country on the subject of diplomacy. He then not-so-subtly implied that that’s a dangerous view. With video.

In Luntz’ go-round with Sean Hannity, the focus was on Barack Obama, particularly the “controversy” over his statement that he would meet with Iranian officials. To Hannity’s evident disappointment, Luntz reported that the two criticisms of Obama by fellow candidates Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton were not well received by voters.

“But I have to tell you something, Sean,” Luntz added. “Democratic primary voters have a different opinion than other Americans when it has to do with handling foreign policy. They believe in diplomacy. And when Barack Obama made that comment that we need to meet with even those who are our enemies (Luntz’ voice rose here, signaling disbelief and disapproval), they actually agree with his approach, rather than Hillary’s. And she says doing that is a very dangerous thing. They believe in Obama’s approach, which is that diplomacy should be the ultimate principle.”

In fact, most Americans believe in diplomacy, as these polls about Iran, Korea and the Palestinians show. It’s a disgrace that a pollster wouldn’t know that or else misrepresented it to make Democrats look bad.

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