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9/11 Report Comes Out - Fox Says Most Blame Points To George Tenet

Reported by Donna - August 21, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he had Catherine Herridge on to talk about the declassified 9/11 report that came out today. When Smith asked Herridge who was to blame she said that most fingers pointed to George Tenet.

Smith asked if the Saudis were involved and Herridge said she hadn't got that far in her reading. She said the talk around was about present CIA Director, Michael Hayden, who said that bhe document shouldn't have been released at all, it was a time to look forward. Smith asked if there was a single cause that caused 9/11. Heridge said that it was a matter of many events.

Comments: Short and sweet the report was put out there and the finger pointing at someone who is no longer in office. If the Saudis were involved will we hear it from Fox? It seemed that Studio B wanted to keep it short and keep the blame on one man. As for the current CIA Director wanting to not have it released -- I'm sure there are more than a few 9/11 members who would disagree.