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Republican Politician Does Something Wrong? Just An Afterthought. A Democratic Politician? The Word Democrat Used Frequently And Even Makes A Breaking News Alert

Reported by Donna - August 20, 2007 -

In the past when reporting on Republicans being caught doing something wrong the fact that they are Republicans is used as an afterthought in the segments on Studio B with Shepard Smith.. Today it was a Democratic Congressman and not only was it mentioned frequently, it was a Breaking News Alert.

Smith repeated several times today that it was a Democratic Representative. The allegations (he corrected himself when he used the word charges) were that an airport security worker accused a congressman of assault. The Congressman, Bob Filner (CA), tried to get to his bags and went into a security area only and an airport official put his arm out and the representative tried to push by him in order to get his bags. Twice Smith used the word 'representative' and corrected himself to say that it was a Democratic Representative.

Comment: A 'Breaking News Alert' for someone trying to reach around an airport employee to get his bag? We've covered Republican polticians on here before who are barely mentioned as being Republicans. We've even had wrongdoing Republican politicians identified as Democrats!

Another attempt by Fox to be unfair and unbalanced? We report and you decide.