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Tidbits From Your World - Bush to Strippers

Reported by Melanie - August 17, 2007 -

Several things caught my eye today (August 17, 2007) while watching Fox's "premiere business news" show and instead of doing separate posts, I thought I'd put them together into one.

First, when substitute host Alexis Glick signed off yesterday she promoted today's show by saying that someone would be on, "who has proof that the worst [of the subprime/credit crunch] is over." Didn't happen.

Second. Today marks the one-month anniversary since the story broke about Mitt Romney paying $300.00 for a makeup job. Cavuto still hasn't mentioned that, though he has had time for roughly ten segments bashing $400.00-haircut-John Edwards.

Third. Cavuto interviewed George Bush last week. During the interview, Bush said, "No, I'm not for a federal bailout. ... Let the market work." Cavuto has repeated that over and over since, yet despite the infusion by the Federal Reserve of $38+ billion and, in an "extraordinary policy shift," a cut in the discount rate of .05%, Cavuto continues to insist that there has been no bailout:

Cavuto to Chris Wallace today:

Let me ask you a little bit about the President's position on this subprime situation -- that he would not be inclined to go for bailouts that have been espoused by a number of Democratic candidates...

And, last but not least, what would Friday on Fox be without a little sex? Rebecca Gomez reported that, "[S]ome areas are seeing some pulling back. In particular, here in New York City the waiters and waitresses say hey, people are getting cheap in their tips. Instead of tipping 18% or 20%, now they're seeing like 12, 14% tips. But, you know, they're still seeing some tips. So, on the flip side Neil, of all this, um, your strippers [Neil's?] say business is booming because these Wall Streeters are very stressed out so they need some place to go to relieve the stress."

Comment: I leave you with one of my favorite quotes: August 10, 2007, Neil Cavuto: "The one network that is on your side, Fox." TGIF. Have a great weekend everyone.