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Joe Scarborough Not Happy With Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - August 17, 2007 -

Last night, O'Reilly used a short soundbite from Joe Scarborough to illustrate his claim that MSNBC is liberally biased. This morning Scarborough responded on his MSNBC morning show and did not appreciate being used to prove a theory he believes is wrong. In fact, Scarborough really resents O'Reilly's assertion that everyone on MSNBC has tilted left.

O'Reilly told viewers last night on The Factor that Scarborough proved his theory with a comment about the NBC newsroom booing Bush in 2003 during a State of the Union Speech. This morning in the first hour of his MSNBC show, Morning Joe, Scarborough criticized O'Reilly for using an event happening four years ago adding that most of the people no longer work at MSNBC.

Scarborough asserted that he has offered to debate O'Reilly about MSNBC but has been ignored. He claimed that he has not changed his conservative views and his criticism of the administration is rooted in his conservative principles. As he took a friendly call from Pat Buchanan, he suggested they get Tucker Carlson in " bow tie and pajamas" to join the call to illustrate the absurdity of O'Reilly's constant accusations.

Then Scarborough entered the forbidden zone sure to make BOR's eyes bulge and ears pump steam. He claimed O'Reilly's problem was not NBC but Keith Olbermann adding that FOX told Bill-O to stop mentioning Olbermann because it was making him too popular concluding that the attacks on NBC are really directed at Olbermann.

Will Bill O'Reilly accept Joe Scarborough's offer to debate? Will he even bring it up again? Guess we'll have to wait and see.