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Homegrown Terrorists and Elvis Dominate Fox & Friends

Reported by Deborah - August 16, 2007 -

This morning on Fox & Friends the NYPD report about the danger of homegrown terrorists took center stage. The F&F Trio, Kelly Wright, Greg Kelly and Gretchan Carlson sounded the fear alarm so well that Wright felt compelled to tell viewers, " We don't mean to scare anyone." However, that's exactly what they tried to do. 8/16/07

After showing a clip of Ray Kelly's press conference, there was one of those F&F trademark chats trying to engage the viewers. All the buzzwords were repeated stressing the point that the new brand of homegrown terrorist is difficult to spot because he is "unremarkable' and without police records. It could be anyone who suddenly gets " radicalized" in an "incubator" while "smoking a hookah" or visiting a Mosque.

Then Eric Stakelback, terrorism analyst, joined them with more detail. He spoke of "alienated young Muslims" who can be radicalized on the internet or visiting a Mosque or bookstore. Viewers were warned that it would be easier for homegrown terrorists to pull off something bigger than 9/11. Greg Kelly added, " It doesn't take a genius to take a pipe bomb to a mall."

Stakelback commented that he recently attended a meeting of an Islamic group claiming the rhetoric was unbelievable . He stressed that the members were all college educated raising another red flag for already paranoid viewers.

Greg Kelly ended the segment with his idea of a ray of hope claiming it was different this time. "These guys have neighbors who will hopefully report them."

Unfortunately, how many innocent people will also be reported by these helpful neighbors?