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Brian Kilmeade and Andrew Napolitano Begin Long Road To Enlightenment With Deepak Chopra

Reported by Deborah - August 16, 2007 -

It was a bit of a shock to see Deepak Chopra plugging his new book, Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment on Fox & Friends yesterday. Alyson Camarata was familiar with Chopra's work but Brian Kilmeade and Andrew Napolitano were welcoming and attentive but definitely not in sync.

The segment opened with a few seconds of Enya and a shot of a tranquil landscape straight from the Hallmark collection. Camarata told Chopra that she had used his relaxation techniques and the Judge added , " You helped her get pregnant!." On cue a baby wail was heard as Deepak Chopra smiled tolerantly.

Camarata shared that she was able to relax enough to get pregnant. Chopra explained that stress can create hormonal problems. It was obvious that Camarata was a big Chopra fan and thrilled he was on the show. The baby wail was played again which was kind of embarrassing the second time.

The conversation continued about ways to relax with Chopra giving helpful tips to the viewers. Kilmeade , trying to interact with Chopra in a meaningful way, blurted out, " Deepak, what does Buddha bring to the table for you?" It was an hilarious moment for me but Chopra didn't seem to notice.

comment: I was really happy to see Deepak Chopra appearing on FOX News. Although it seemed an unlikely venue for Chopra, I thought it was great that he was reaching out to a broader audience, However, I couldn't help noticing the philosophical divide between F&F and Deepak Chopra and the humorous aspects of seeing them come together.