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Shepard Smith Insinutates Killing In Iraq Would Be Worse If We Weren't There

Reported by Donna - August 15, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith there was a segment on the worst ever killing in a day in Iraq since the war began. At least 250 people of a Kurdish sect were killed yesterday in what is being called ethnic cleansing, almost genocide.

Smith began a coversation with correspondant, Anita McNaught in Mosul and made an unusual remark.

He said that were the United States to pull out this may become a regular thing.When he asked correspondant Anita McNaught this she answered that for a long time these people felt unsupported and it wasn't just that the U.S. forces weren't there for them, the Iraqi forces weren't there, either.

Comment: While Smith tried to tie this horrific killing into a reason for not leaving Iraq, McNaught set him straight and said that this group of people had been asking for support for sometime and not getting it.