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Republicans and Democrats Speak A Different Body Language on O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - August 15, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly wants to show viewers how fair and balanced he can be so last night during his weekly body language segment Democrats and Republicans were scrutinized by Tonya Reiman. However, the Republicans came out looking much better than the Democrats. Now how in the world did that happen?

Rudy Giuliani was up first. Reiman analyzed the entire interview segment shown earlier in the show rather than the usual quick soundbite. All she could come up with was Rudy's excessive "lip licking" indicating anxiety. She seriously recommended some lip licking restraint.

It's interesting to note that during the interview O'Reilly tried to get Rudy to respond the the bad press he's been getting about his personal life. He dodged the question with obvious discomfort yet Reiman and O'Reilly didn't go near it.

Then the press conference with Rove and Bush was scanned and O'Reilly wanted to know if the emotion was genuine. Reiman assured all that Rove was extremely emotional but wondered why Bush wasn't looking at Rove and seemed to be gazing at something behind him. O'Reilly immediately jumped in saying that there must have been something going on that Bush needed to look out. Then he commented how difficult it must be to just stand there with "everybody in the world looking at him."

The next victim, Bill Richardson, brought a twinkle of delight to O'Reilly's eyes. Obviously, he only used Reiman for another opportunity to show Richardson squirming even though he did an entire segment on it the night before. Reiman was all sympathetic claiming he looked soo uncomfortable. O'Reilly looked very pleased and amused.

Sean Penn also got his bashing the previous night for visiting Venezuela and Hugo Chavez but BOR wanted Reiman to get him again. She claimed that Penn raised his eyebrow when he referred to himself as a journalist indicating he had doubt and then raised the eyebrow higher when he said he was planning to fact check everything before making any comments. Somehow the second eyebrow jerk meant he was really planning a fact check.

O'Reilly added his own commentary with, "If he's a journalist, then I'm Mahatma Gandhi." Then he reminded viewers that Penn is an actor so you can't really believe his body language.