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No Democratic Guests On Hannity & Colmes To Defend Clinton And Obama Despite Repeated Attacks

Reported by Ellen - August 15, 2007 -

Despite the fact that several debates were about Barack Obama’s “controversial” statements about Afghanistan and Hillary Clinton’s “controversial” ad campaign, there was not a single Democratic guest on last night's (8/14/07) Hannity & Colmes to defend them.

The lineup was Mitt Romney (more on him and Obama in the next post), David Mendell, author of a book about Barack Obama, who was more critical than laudatory, Newt Gingrich, Oliver North and Kay Bailey Hutchison. The sole Democrat on the show was substitute co-host Bob Beckel. Beckel had plenty of good moments: confronting Newt Gingrich about Republicans politicizing the war, joking about the number of times Hannity played the clip of Obama’s “controversial” statement, and confronting Mitt Romney over his comment that Obama’s statement helped “the other side.” But Beckel never defended Clinton and actually criticized Obama by gratuitously telling Romney, “By the way, I agree with you, I think Obama wishes he had those words back.”

And, of course, nobody talked about how the war in Afghanistan is actually going.