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O'Reilly lies about gay rights endorsement hurting candidates

Reported by Chrish - August 14, 2007 -

In a segment with Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin on The O'Reilly Factor last night 8/13/07, the trio discussed Democratic presidential hopefuls' appearances at a debate focused solely on GLBT issues. O'Reilly said that according to some poll, "Pew Research or something like that," "Most Americans won't vote for you if you get an endorsement by a gay-rights group."

Well, how does one confuse the single-syllabic "Pew" with "Quinnipiac"? Mayhaps one doesn't want viewers to find the poll too easily, for they would find the big BOR misrepresented the findings:

"In Ohio, 10 percent say the endorsement of a gay rights group would make them more likely to support a candidate while 34 percent say less likely and 54 percent say it would make no difference. In Pennsylvania, 11 percent say it would make them more likely, with 28 percent saying less likely and 59 percent saying it would make no difference. Among Florida voters, 10 percent say more likely, while 28 percent are less likely and 60 percent say it would make no difference. "

Powers said she found that very difficult to believe (O'Reilly's spin of them, that is) and he went so far as to restate it incorrectly again: "If a gay rights organization endorses you, would that make you more or less likely to vote... and most Americans said less likely."

In spite of O'Reilly's lies about the poll findings, Powers defended the candidates' going on the LOGO channel, as the GLBT community gives a lot of money to Democrats and is influential, and Democrats generally support gay rights; it's a progressive issue.

Republicans were invited but declined to attend this LOGO-sponsored debate, which Malkin defended as a smart move. They would have had nothing to gain, and it would upset their base, a lose-lose proposition. Even Giuliani, the Republican's isea of a progressive, is courting social conservatives so this would have been the exact opposite forum that he needs to be in.

Malkin enjoyed watching the Democrats squirm as they were pressed on the issues at the forum , and would like to see a similar forum for Republicans,dedicated to social conservative issues, to see them squirm. O'Reilly nominated Melissa Etheridge for Meet the Press and said she was tougher than the network news guys.

O'Reilly and Powers had one of their cute little teasing moments, with O'Reilly saying the Democrats are hypocrites for not supporting gay marriage and Powers insisting that they have to defend that decision; O'Reilly failed to get her to agree that they are hypocrites but left the impression that's the only conclusion.

Powers doesn't particularly care about Karl Rove's resignation. Malkin points out that Powers is the exception on the left (ahem - she isn't ON the left, she's a FOX Democrat=DLC centrist.) The whole segment dissolved into unserious silliness, perhaps to minimize the impact of the topic. Rove was mentioned, "discussed," and will slither away to once again work from behind the scenes be in the bosom of his loving family.

The parallel of the Democrats declining the FOX-sponsored debate to the Republicans declining the GLBT debate was never brought up directly. Malkin did note that Republicans knew they wouldn't make any inroads and would probably anger some in their base by attending, so it was a logical decision to skip it. That kind of understanding was not extended to the Democrats, as you know.

O'Reilly even mentioned that since the GLBT community only makes up 6% of the population, why would Democrats bother? (Note: my paraphrase.) But the FOX-viewing audience is, during their highest rated program on a good day, only 1% of the US population, though that stat is never mentioned.