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Bill O'Reilly Heaves More Hate At DailyKos

Reported by Deborah - August 14, 2007 -

We all know Bill O'Reilly thinks the DailyKos is a vile hate site because he's said it on his show so many times that even his most ardent followers are sick of hearing it. One might think, O"Reilly would want to change the subject since DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas appeared on Meet The Press this Sunday, which Ellen posted about, allowing millions of people to see the absurdity of BOR's recent " far left" hysteria about the DailyKos. However, O'Reilly just couldn't help himself and slipped in a hate jab during tonight's talking points. 7/14/07

BOR didn't make DailyKos the subject of his talking points because even he knows to hide his obsessive/compulsive tendencies. So he snuck it into one of his generic whines about the evil media. This time he was outraged because he was described as " conservative" in an AP article and then did a little side step to Sunday's Meet the Press,

He showed Harold Ford Jr asking about anti semitic stuff on DailyKos and then literally showed Marcos Moulitsas for a split second preventing viewers from seeing him or hearing his response. Then he put up two comments he probably found buried in the bowels of the archives near the infamous photo of Bush and Leiberman.

Then he went after David Gregory for not knowing about the anti-semitism at the DailyKos or knowing but being afraid to say anything. In a flash two random comments among millions morphed into full blown ant-semitism making his parting comment so hypocritical it made me shutter .

"Right now there's more propaganda than truth floating around in the press."