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Dana Perino guest on Big Story to put lipstick on Rove

Reported by Chrish - August 13, 2007 -

Today 8/13/07 on The Big Story, John Gibson covered Karl Rove's resignation with White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino on hand (from Crawford TX) to explain the departure's timing and reasons behind it.

He's leaving to spend time with his family - Perino told us more than once how much Rove loves his wife and son, and how they all want to spend more time together, and how Rove has asked them to sacrifice enough, blah blah blah.

Perino denied that this was the final and definitve action that cemented Bush's position as a lame duck, and she insisted that he "has a lot of juice left" and she expects him to continue to set the agenda in Washington.

Gibson, putting up one of his dumbed down graphics, read "Bush sans Rove - a whole new era?" and explained for his viewers that sans means without. Perino agreed that things will be different: Rove started "ice cream Fridays" and would interrupt White House tours she was giving to tell her Bush needed her advice, thrilling the tourists - such a fun-loving guy. Aside from the brilliance he brought to the table, his colleagues will just miss him. (I'm getting a little tear in my eye from this. NOT.)

Gibson did ask point blank if Rove is getting out ahead of the prosecutors and subpoenas, and Perino assured him that is not the case - that is not Karl Rove's style. He's leaving because he loves his wife and son, so much! Others who have left are still in contact with Bush, and presumably Rove will be too. She reiterated there's still "a lot of juice" in this administration, and they hope to get "some stuff" done in their remaining 526 days.

Comment: Didn't expect anything different from this segment, a portrayal of Rove as a loved and loving servant, rather than an unscrupulous politcal mastermind who will do anything to win.