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Outrageous Quote of the Week @ August 11, 2007

Reported by Chrish - August 12, 2007 -

We're going to have to do an O'Reilly-free week just to give the other loons a shot. The world's biggest hypocrite won in a landslide last week (53%!) for solemnly intoning that

"The problem with American journalism today is the blurring of editorial positions with hard news. ...but when their liberal views dictate what hard news stories they cover, you (sic) have a problem."
I believe he proceeded to report on John Edwards' haircut, or was it Al Gore's electric bill?

Anyway, take a look at what the other FOX-famous were saying last week and vote for your favorite:

Option A: "Just when you think The New York Times could sink no lower, it's offering ideas to terrorists on how to kill us." John Gibson, Big Story 8/9/07

Option B: "Do you realize, Bill, that these Democrats spend more time attacking you, Fox News and Rupert Murdoch than they do attacking Osama Bin Laden. Attacking Bin Laden would make them look too hawkish to the left wing of their party, which thinks the war on terror is a Republican plot." Bernard Goldberg bashing Democrats on The Factor, 8/9/07

Option C: "Any type of bailout, Neil, is impractical but it's also immoral. I mean the government's job is to protect my rights and not to pass out my income to whoever happens to need it at the moment. And what Hillary's essentially saying is that fact that I've earned my money doesn't entitle me to it. But the fact that a homeowner needs my money, does entitle him to it. And I'm sorry, but to Hillary and to the Congressman, (Martin Frost, former Congressman from Texas) there's no such thing as a right to a home, only the right to work for a home. And, I'm sorry. If you took out a mortgage that you can't pay, you're gonna lose your home. End of story." - Jonathan Hoenig, on a Democratic proposal to allow Fannie Mae to help homeowners with mortgages under $417,000 to restructure their loans, a proposal later rejected by President Bush. Special Live Cost of Freedom Show, 8/11/08

Option D: "A lot of people are saying that Bernanke needs to act and then people say, you know, it's not the Fed's job to bailout the market that made these risky bets." Reporter Cheryl Casone, mere hours after the Fed bought $35 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities, Your World w/Neil Cavuto 8/10/08

Option E: Everyone's panicking because, "[I]t's all over the news. Maybe people should shut off their TV's and go to the beach." Tracy Burnes of the (Murdoch owned) New York Post, mere hours after the Fed bought $35 billion of mortgage-backed securities, Your World w/Neil Cavuto 8/10/08

Option F: "This is the way the society is structured. Does anyone like to be pulled over just because they're Muslim? No. But what is [sic] the facts of life? The facts of life -- the one most likely to blow somebody up is someone with a Mohammed or Yousef name." Bo Dietl in a discussion about racial profiling (of "Muslim-looking" men), Your World w/Neil Cavuto 8/7/07

Option G: "We hate the oil companies because we're dependent on them." "Why?! We should love them and be grateful to them. They are doing us an incredible favor getting us all this energy at a decent price. I mean, they're not even setting the price. I mean, why are we bashing them? We need them. They're our friends!" Ben Stein, in a discussion about taxing oil companies, Your World w/Neil Cavuto 8/6/07