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Bill O'Reilly Wants His Analysts Safe, Predictable and Anxious to Please

Reported by Deborah - August 11, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly doesn't like surprises much anymore. He's carefully constructed The Factor into regular weekly segments featuring the same " analysts" to discuss and supposedly debate his chosen issues but actually their role is to validate Bill O'Reilly's point of view. This past Thursday, 8/9/07, he wanted to ponder if it's wise for Democrats to avoid FOX News so first viewers got some rarely objective analysis from Dick Morris followed by an always predictable debate between the weekly duo, Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall.

O'Reilly, opened with a clips of John Edwards, Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton making a short comment about ,of course, Bill O'Reilly. The Clinton clip got Morris's juices flowing who claimed Clinton attacked FOX News to divert attention.

"So she can't attack drug money, because she's taking it. She can't attack insurance money, because she's taking it, but she can attack you and FOX News."

O'Reilly acted completely puzzled about the Democrat's choice to avoid FOX News. The fact that FOX has ripped them up without mercy behind their backs wasn't discussed. O'Reilly even had the nerve to question John Edwards claiming he had been on FOX 33 times and had always been well treated. BOR claimed with a straight face,

"Why do they want to make enemies — particularly a guy like John Edwards, who is treated very well here, 33 times he was on. We poured over the transcripts. There was never one time that this guy was unfairly treated while he was on this network."

I have pored over the News Hound archives and can say there was never one time John Edwards was treated fairly on The O'Reilly Factor and Edwards didn't even need to make time in his schedule for an appearance to be "treated well" by O'Reilly. Maybe O'Reilly hasn't spit in Edward's eye face to face but he sure has done a bang up job tearing him to shreds behind his back

After Morris set the stage, it was time for Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall to rehash the subject again but their segment was cut for a News Alert about the Utah mining accident. However, O'Reilly made sure Michelle Malkin aired it on Friday's show and not surprisingly her lead in included a comment about Morris' analysis that Democrats were attacking FOX to divert attention.

Was anyone really surprised when Bernie Goldberg agreed with O'Reilly and as always added some nasty one liners to spice up the rhetoric and do as much damage as possible to Bill's intended victims. Here's his little gem from Thursday.

"Do you realize, Bill, that these Democrats spend more time attacking you, Fox News and Rupert Murdoch than they do attacking Osama Bin Laden. Attacking Bin Laden would make them look too hawkish to the left wing of their party, which thinks the war on terror is a Republican plot."

The friendly trio wound up the segment focusing on the amusing idea of BOR moderating the next Democratic debate to add interest and viewers. Bernie and Jane like you, Bill. They really, really like you. That's why we'll continue to see them every Thursday.