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Another day, another unsatisfactory judge targeted by Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Chrish - August 10, 2007 -

The Judge of Judges Bill O'Reilly was at it again in his Talking Points Memo last night 8/9/07, sending Factor producer Jesse Watters a'stalkin' to the home of Maryland Judge Joseph Manck, who had turned down the opportunity for an interview with the JoJ himself.

O'Reilly claimed "'The Factor' is the only news program in the country holding American judges responsible for their behavior, the only one." Sooo, now it's a "news show." I thought it was a "talk show" or an "opinion journal" or "Inside Edition Gone Wild."

Because the national news media isn't en masse focused on courtrooms, O'Reilly fears that "judges often get away with outrageous sentences and courtroom shenanigans because we can't be everywhere. And when judges do misbehave, they hide behind the, “We can't talk about the case” ruse. So they're not held accountable to anyone."

Judges are accountable to the court system, which O'Reilly seems hell-bent on undermining, and the law. The people in their jurisdictions are responsible for ousting those not fit, and their local newspapers and television news are responsible for keeping them informed of judges decisions. In fact, he reaches that same conclusion:

"So what should be done about Judge Joseph Manck? He's appointed but he can be removed by the State of Maryland and in my opinion, should be. "

So why is this on a national "news" show? Why are any of these local stories he obsesses about inflated to national stories? They distract from the real national news, the corruption and crime in Washington DC and the policies of the Bush administration. (I know, one and the same.) They serve to undermine trust in the rule of law and the workings of the judicial system. And they prop up Bill O'Reilly as the champion of the little guy (or more often, the sexually abused child).