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Bill O'Reilly Wants Dennis Miller To Put Down Ellis Henican For Expressing Compassion

Reported by Deborah - August 9, 2007 -

Last week Bill O'Reilly turned to his bash buddy Dennis Miller for an ego boost after the Chris Dodd confrontation and Miller obliged tearing down Dodd and praising His Majesty. Last night, 8/8/07, a pattern emerged with BOR pulling the same routine but this time he wanted Miller to give Ellis Henican some paybacks for not allowing O'Reilly to bully him into submission on Monday,8/7/07.

O'Reilly arrogantly introduced Henican as a writer for the "far left" Newsday and expected him to roll over with a smile. Henican called him on it angrily saying it was a "cheap shot" but O'Reilly insisted Newsday was far left and everyone knows it. Henican was ticked off so O'Reilly pretty much told him to quit if he didn't like it. At this point, it was crystal clear that O'Reilly saw Henican as an employee, expected to do his bidding but Henican saw things quite differently.

The outrage du jour was an LA Times piece calling for John Walker Lindh's sentence to be commuted after serving five years. Henican called Lindh " a lost sheep" when he got involved fighting the Northern Alliance in Afganistan . He felt Lindh didn't deserve a 20 year sentence especially since he was never fighting against the U.S. Refusing to let BOR intimidate him, Henican defended his position with firm conviction, compassion and confidence.

The next night, Dennis Miller appeared supposedly to talk about Barry Bonds but O'Reilly quickly brought Henican and Lindh into the discussion. With an expectant smirk BOR offered Miller his straight line. " I don't understand Ellis Henican's sympathy for this guy. Ellis says he's a lost sheep."

First Miller made fun of Henican's name just to suggest that nobody ever heard of him and then he congratulated BOR for his "smackdown" about Henican quitting. Now that Bill felt tough and cool again, Miller supported his lack of depth and compassion saying " I don't run that deep" claiming that sixty years ago Lindh would have been shot for treason and should be glad to be in Guantanamo. O'Reilly, all snappy again, laughed that Lindh is in a regular prison lifting weights and watching us right now.

At the end of the show, O'Reilly read a viewer e-mail praising Kirsten Powers for being so nice when she disagrees with him. Was that coincidental or a little message for Ellis Henican?