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O'Reilly: We won't need surveillance program after we invade Pakistan and kill all the Al Qaeda

Reported by Chrish - August 8, 2007 -

Does he even know what he's saying anymore? Attempting a joke last night 8/7/07 after a segment with Kirsten Powers and Laura Schwartz, O'Reilly waved off their concerns about expanded warrantless wiretapping and said "We won't need that (surveillance program) after we invade Pakistan and kill all the Al Qaeda - we won't need any of this surveillance."
With video.

O'Reilly has fretted and groused for years about the terrorists and sympathisers listening to every word ordinary citizens say (criticizing the war and the Bush administration) and has repeatedly said, in so many words, to be supportive or shut up. I wonder what our allies in Pakistan think of this threat?

This came at the end of a segment billed as "Attacking FOX News as a political strategy - smart, or dumb?" After he chuckled patronizingly at clips of john Edwards, General Wesley Clark, and Senator Chris Dodd disparaging FOX and O'Reilly, he brought on Powers and Schwartz to answer - smart or dumb?

Still chuckling, O'Reilly called it "hollow" and said it's not that tough, standing up to me; you do it every week! Powers agreed (that she stands up to him) and immediately capitulated and agreed with O'Reilly that it was silly, though she did get in a jab: "You're not that important, Bill."

O'Reilly repeated that Edwards has been on FNC 33 times (presumably when he was running in 2004), "back when he was moderate, before he became Mr. Farleft Guy." O'Reilly claims he was treated with respect every time, and Powers countered that he is making a broader statement, and she hasn't seen the 33 appearances. O'Reilly, incensed that she admitted to doubting him ("maybe a little," there she goes standing up to him again), asked her to bet $1,000. When she turned that down, he told the camera directly "she's not doubting me, ladies and gentlemen."

Smart or dumb? Powers said she doesn't think it'll matter, people will forget about this. O'Reilly wouldn't let them; if he was making political commercials (duh, that's what the FOX News Channel IS) he would use "this move to the farleft to burn them all day long." He would "paint (his) opponent as a farleft loon, and this just gives me commercial fodder, does it not?"

Schwartz stood up to him. Just kidding, she agreed; it certainly would give them footage. But she saw this weekend as a microcosm that can't be expanded to a national audience. Pandering to the farleft will not appeal to the all-important independents. But, injected O'Reilly, they won't be able to ignore it because it's on the record.

O'Reilly touted FOX's ratings during the Minnesota bridge collapse. This is to be expected, since FOX is known for drama and tragedy, the passion play network, as long as it is not being carried out in Iraq. From those purported high ratings he extrapolated that people come to FOX because they provide "better news coverage." I would say they offer MORE coverage of this kind of story, and there is a segment of the population that can't get enough of these tragedies. Again, as reported by FAIR, the Ratings Mirage is created by the way the numbers are calculated. The number of viewers tuning in to FOX and leaving it there are counted multiple times per hour, whereas CNN gets more individuals dropping in for an update during the course of the day. Hence CNN actually gets more people watching for shorter periods, the cumulative number while FOX gets more people who turn it on and leave it on as they go about their day - which is only meaningful to advertising executives and insecure hosts.

Schwartz was doing a good job of defending the candidates for speaking to all the voters, and O'Reilly brought up the DLC meeting last week, that none of the candidates attended. Powers protested, saying she explained that last week and O'Reilly cut her off, calling her crazy and waving his hands - he had to 'get this in" in the last minute. Just kidding, ha ha.

What O'Reilly had to get in was Clinton's and Obama's vote against the increased surveillance - it will get them labeled "soft on terror." Powers reminded O'Reilly that FOX's Judge Napoitano also strongly opposes the warrantless eavesdropping on Constitutional grounds, and O'Reilly joked again that "we fired him." (He was on recently about the possible liability of different levels of government in the bridge collapse, and talking about the two guys picked up recently with the pipe bomb (fireworks?), but he has not been seen nearly as frequently as in the past.)

Schwartz agreed that the votes might be used against the candidates in commercials, but it would be misleading. As she expounded on how we should do this Constitutionally, the music began and O'Reilly made his "invade Pakistan" joke. Ha ha.

For someone who rails against irresponsible statements he sure makes a lot of them himself.