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O'Reilly miffed Democratic candidates went to YearlyKos against his dire warnings

Reported by Chrish - August 8, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo tonight 8/7/07 was all about attacking the "farleft" and the Democratic presidential hopefuls and DailyKos and YearlyKos and the so-called liberal media, for not jumping on his imaginary haters bandwagon. Fair and balanced? Bwahahaha.
With video.

Let's face it: O'Reilly hates the left. He despises the ideas and goals and methods of liberals, Democrats, and left-leaning moderates. If it ain't right, it ain't right!

As usual, there were numerous misrepresentations in the TPM (aside from the usual mischaracterization of "farleft hate website"). O'Reilly mentioned again that the Democratic candidates "scorned" the Democratic Leadership Council's meeting in Tennessee while they "kissed the feet of the hateful radicals" at Kos (even though Kirsten Powers explained last week that the nominee will doubtless attend the centrist DLC convention next year). He threatened viewers, saying if a Democrat ("the far-left") comes to power next year they can kiss the USA as they know it, good-bye.

His wildest misrepresentation is one FOX has been polishing for a year now, that the expanded warrantless wiretapping will be used only for monitoring calls from the USA to suspected terrorists overseas. If that's all it did, why would any American oppose it? Obviously, his viewers are being kept unaware that Bush can now spy on them, at will, without a warrant, and for reasons known only to him, in violation of their Constitutional rights. Why does Bill O'Reilly support this? It's a question that could really use an answer. He directed his viewers to the NYTimes lead editorial today for an explanation of the "far left" objection to the new powers, as if they would ever do some independent research.

O'Reilly blamed the mainstream media (how the most-watched cable news show host continues to exclude himself from the mainstream media is something for a psychologist to analyze, not me), because not one of them joined "Points'" silly crusade against a liberal website for allowing distasteful speech to be seen and heard. "The bias is disgusting."

Oh puh-leeeze. It's not like they LIE about their POV and call themselves "fair and balanced." It's a website that supports Democrats - of course it's biased!

O'Reilly attacked Howard Kurtz of CNN for having a panel of anti-O'Reilly guests, not one of whom supported O'Reilly's "exposition of the hate-site." Aaaww. Isn't it journalism rule number one to NOT make yourself the story? This entire thing is out of control, he proclaimed. Every Jewish person in the world should be marching against Kos for all the "hate Israel stuff" posted there. (Note: I just searched DailyKos for "hate Israel" and came up with one result, a satirical piece.)

O'Reilly did not succeed in intimidating the candidates with his thinly veiled threats and blatant hate-mongering. He promised that voters will not forget this association with the "farleft", and we can be sure he won't let them.