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John Gibson outraged at smuggled monkey

Reported by Chrish - August 8, 2007 -

John Gibson is beside himself that a monkey, hidden in a passenger's hat, made it through airport security not once but twice. He played The Monkees "hey, hey, we're the Monkees, you never know where we'll be found" and devoted a segment with Judge Andrew Napolitano and his My Word segment today 8/8/07 to the "big story."

The monkey travelled from Peru to Fort Lauderdale FL and from there to NYC without being detected by security. Passengers on the NY bound plane approached the monkey's man mid-flight, and he was greeted by Animal Control officers when the plane landed and the monkey is now being tested by the CDC for disease.

Napolitano outlined the penalties for transporting the animal: maximum fine $500 in NYC, and for just passing through Florida, no fine at all. TSA regulations state that security may ask a passenger to remove their hat, but in his case they didn't.

One of the chyrons shown repeatedly throughout the segment asked "If security didn't find a monkey, could they find a bomb?" Ah, the fear factor rears its ugly head.

Later, in My Word, Gibson took it up with TSA, whom he has complained about before for the inconvenience he suffers as he commutes from Texas to New York and back again every week. He erroneously said that the screeners were supposed to have the monkey-man remove his hat - it is optional, as we learned moments before from JAN - and just wanted to know, with all the time and supposed diligence, "how do you miss a monkey?"

I've got to admit, that's a good question. The truth is, though, we are only as safe as the humans running things. If that had been a bomb, heaven forbid, all the wiretapping and snooping and torture in the world wouldn't keep those passengers safe. Why do you think they call it terror?